Self-Defense Classes

JuJitsu Class

Train Japanese JuJitsu and Judo. $95 a month for 8 classes.
(No contracts!)

Judo Class

Train Judo every Saturday. $60 a month for 4 classes.
(No contracts!)

Private Lessons

Self-defense private lessons. Take advantage of our special $85 per hour for 2 people. (2 person minimum)

Walk-In Special

Drop-in on any of our self-defense classes for just $20 a class.


Tuesday & Thursday

We train hand to hand self-defense against knives, sticks, and guns. Jujitsu is ideal for teenagers, law enforcement, or any beginner martial arts student.

Times: 6pm-7pm



Beginner and Advanced Grappling and Throws
Times: 10:30am-11:30am

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